Our Company

Made2Africa is an enabler for flexible and neo-normal Supply Chain Management solutions. We dilute the unprecedented volatility and complexity of the present day business environment by bridging the overseas gap between the African Market and Indian suppliers. Manufacturing only ‘ace quality’, we ensure best standards and product excellence.

Trade business constitutes an integral underlying foundation of Made2Africa, wherein we facilitate efficient supply chain across a vibrant range of products, to Importers from across the globe. We adapt and constantly evolve with the changing geo-political & macro-economic conditions across the world, to advance business interests of our clients and associates.

A global footprint makes Made2Africa a natural choice for association in the supply chain management sphere. With over 2000 suppliers linked directly to Made2Africa, there is nothing that you cannot count on us for. A vetted environment for Sourcing, Costing and Production secures quality and time bound delivery.

‘At Made2Africa we only cater Market Excellence- nothing less’


Some Statistics

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We are the worlds leading consumer goods sourcing and logistics company. We add value for our customers by responsibly managing the entire supply chain and are committed to achieving the highest standards and meeting their needs through competitive pricing, quality, and reliable delivery.

our focus is on providing solutions to customers needs both current and latent. With a view to improving customer satisfaction, we have always placed high importance on product knowledge. We strive to ensure that our customers are provided with product information that will assist in generating the best value for their money.


Respect for our customers, employees, the public, and the environment are core parts of our values and beliefs.We feel that plant and worker safety as well as strict environment standards reflect our intent to continue to be a responsible corporate citizen.

We leverage our extensive global network, depth of experience, market knowledge, and advanced technology to respond rapidly to evolving consumer and production trends.


our key goal is to provide the best products possible to our customers and consumers.

We believe that product from best knowledge only can converted to advantage to our valued customers.

We also believe that providing excellent customer service ensures that customers feel valued and know that we stand behind our products.


Our business strategy is WIN- WIN for us and with whom we do business transaction.Knowledge is our base, integrity is our path, and satisfaction is our focus.

As one of the world?s largest sourcing and distribution platforms, our customer relationships, supplier network, and operations are unrivaled.